Certification Services


1.   Certification of annual Income and Institutional taxes manifest (full certification services)

2.   Certification of KDV (Value Added Taxes) returns and enter in an account process.

3.   Certification of including internal resources into capital.

4.   Reports of determination of capital improvement.

5.   Determinations of tourism company’s tourism income provisions and obligations of bringing

      foreign exchange to Turkey and relating.

6.   Importation of raw petrol oil and oil processes and investigations and determinations would be

      requested for LPG.

7.   Investigating organized industrial zone’s accounts and transactions and auditing incomings and

      expenditures of fund of unemployment.

8.   Inspections on Wealth and Capital

9.   Preparing formats of delaying and installments.

10. Encouragement, discounting, exceptions, and exemptions relating operations.

11. Private Declarations

12. Domestic processing document’s recognition and revaluation reports.

13. Reports and servicings concerning on output revaluation.

14. Full certification services done within the borderlines of certified financial consultancy



Auditing Services


1.   Tax Auditing

2.   Freelance Auditing

      - US GAAP

      - IAS

      - Turkish Capital Market Board Standarts (SPK)

      - Energy Market Regulatory Authority Standards

3.   Internal Auditing

4.   Financial Announcement’s Auditing

5.   Due Diligence

6.   Profitability and Productivity Auditing

7.   Credit Application and Credit Eligibility Auditings

8.   Company’s transference, purchasings, and revaluation Auditing

9.   All Auditings on Special Purposes 


Services On Tax Consultation


1.   Consultations on institutional and personal taxation.

2.   Services towards International tax planning.

3.   Following of Turkish subject instutions and individuals, taxation, consultancy, forming

      companies, etc. actions of who are dealing abroad.

4.   Provision of all sort of necessary documents and permissions and followings for foreign

      subjects who are wishing to deal in Turkey.

5.   Ravisions 


Legal Advisory Services


1.   Taxation Jurisprudence

2.   Company’s Jurisprudence

3.   International Jurisprudence

4.   Consultancy on contested subjects

5.   Giving written consideration opinion on taxation law’s subjects

6.   Consultancy on company’s liquidation and unification process. 


Other Services


1.   Company establishment services

2.   Mediatory and disagreements

3.   Legal and taxation consultancy in real estate purchasings.

4.   Company’s major agreements, address and alternations on formation, and equity transfers.

5.   To set up accounting sytems.

6.   To set up internal control systems and revaluations.

7.   To set up budget controlling systems.

8.   Investment Consultancy.

9.   Forming of prime cost control systems.

10. Education and organization

11. Writing of company procedures.

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